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Class Schedule

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5:30pm - Ma Yoga Flow (online)

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4:45pm - Prenatal Yoga (Center For Yoga)

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11:00am  - Prenatal & Mom Yoga (online)

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10:30am  - Prenatal & Family Yoga

(Center For Yoga)

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Prenancy in White
Yoga Pose Looking Up

Vinyasa Flow

Heather is a very talented yoga instructor. She [keeps her classes] challenging and interesting by weaving in wonderful yogi insights and spiritual philosophies. She offers modifications while also encouraging you to push yourself just the right amount. Heather has a warm and friendly demeanor on and off the mat. 

Young Mothers Practicing Yoga

Ma Yoga Flow

Heather is a great teacher! I really enjoyed it. I loved her authentic voice, playful/not too serious class -- I noticed myself smiling throughout the practice. Great cues.

Woke up with low back pain ... had an ice pack all morning. Wasn't sure I could do yoga, but your class relieved all my pain. 


Prenatal Yoga

Heather was amazing -- she listened to my specific concerns (and aches and pains), and offered targeted flows and poses to help strengthen and serve what I needed. She has an incredible, calming presence. Anyone working with her will be in great hands! 

Ma Yoga Flow

Class Schedule

Recurring Classes

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Mondays, 5:30pm PDT
Ma Yoga Flow (online via Zoom)

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At Ma Yoga, your first class is free! 

Class Description:

As the day winds down, we meet on our mat to breathe and move mindfully into the slower pace of evening. This practice is a soothing opportunity to turn inward and engage our mind and body in self care, to release physical tension and mental anxiety through movement, and build strength, stamina, and vitality. You don't need a clutter-free space, just enough room for a mat. You don't need special clothes, just room to move. You don't need to have a babysitter - you'll be on mute so noise from little ones is never an issue - and kids are welcome to come and go, to watch, or play along!

Wednesdays, 4:45pm 
Prenatal Yoga (Center For Yoga, LA)

Register at: Prenatal Yoga (

Our first class on Oct. 4th is free! 

Class Description:

Slow and steady, this all levels class is designed with expecting moms of all stages in mind! Not to be confused with gentle yoga, the goal of prenatal yoga is to prepare you for labor and motherhood, and for that, you'll need strength and endurance. These classes are designed to help you develop both while connecting to your inner wisdom to guide you (another tool you're going to need!), while taking into consideration the

unique demands on a pregnant body. We know you've already got a lot on your plate, so this is an opportunity to fill your cup - without expectations! A chance to move and breathe in a way that feels good and keeps you moving forward, energized and inspired.

Thursdays, 11:00am PDT 
Prenatal & Mom Yoga (online via Zoom)

Register at

At Ma Yoga, your first class is free! 

Class Description: 

Slow and steady, this class is designed for expecting and new moms in mind (babies or toddlers are always welcome)! Join me to honor your truth, recognize the goodness that’s already part of you, and build on what matters most to you. Whether you come to your mat for strength or flexibility, to prepare for labor or to recover from it, my classes are designed to give you some time for true, deep self-care. 

Saturdays, 10:30am  
Prenatal & Family Yoga (Center For Yoga, LA)

Register at Yoga For Parents (

Our first class on Oct. 7th is free! 

Class Description: 

This all-level class is designed for all parents (including expecting parents)! If you can’t get away from the kids for a yoga class -  or your kids are interested in yoga - bring them to this class, which offers an opportunity to practice yoga with a huge dose of "real life!" It might not be entirely silent and uninterrupted, but we'll practice either staying present or coming back - because in this class, taking a break for children is as welcome as taking a break in child's pose! This class is an opportunity to release physical tension and mental anxiety through breath and movement while building strength and stamina - without the expectation of 60 uninterrupted minutes

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Ever look at your schedule and think 'I wish there was a class ...' - now there can be! Private sessions and small group pop up classes are a great way to make the most of your practice time at your home, favorite park, or location of your choosing!* Contact Heather to book!

Class Description: 

Open to all levels, Heather's style is a combination of flow and stillness designed to build heat and expand your breath. Vinyasa means 'to place in a special way' and Heather carefully crafts sequences in order to guide students to their own edge through progressively advancing postures that challenge strength, endurance, and flexibility, while offering options that make the practice safe and accessible and to meet students where they are physically and energetically. 

*Your location must be within 10 miles

**24-hour cancellation policy, contact me for full details!

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